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Dreamcam Apparently Banning IPs of Users Recording Content

December 22, 2023 by Admin

Dear community,

We have reports that Dreamcam is apparently banning people who record shows from their site! Be aware that using CaptureGem or any other tool to record streams could result in an IP ban not only from Dreamcam, but their partners as well such as sexlikereal and vrporn.

One workaround is to use a VPN when recording - this way, if you get banned, you can always switch to another IP.

While we don't condone the sharing of recordings, we feel that it is every user's right to record streams of data that are being sent to their this computer. Autonomy of data and your devices is an important freedom. So although Dreamcam has the right to ban IPs, we feel they are being too harsh, especially to people who are making personal recordings.

Nonetheless, we hope you all continue to enjoy using CaptureGem to record from cam sites. Feel free to stop by in our Discord and join our friendly community. Happy holidays to everyone!

Ban Hammer
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