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Record Adult Cam Sites From Your Desktop with CaptureGem

Updated May 21, 2024

Welcome to CaptureGem, our popular recording software that lets you record cam models from a variety of adult livestreaming sites! It automatically transcodes and saves all files into .mp4 format to easily watch in any video player. Both Windows and macOS are supported. It can record from Chaturbate, Stripchat, Stripchat VR, BongaCams, CamSoda, Streamate, Flirt4Free,, Dreamcam VR, and Cam4. Note that CaptureGem is only meant for personal use.

Key Features

  • Multi-threaded for high performance, with unlimited live models you can record at once
  • Automatically start recordings when models come online, and after network timeouts or disconnects
  • Fully customizable settings, including video duration, network timeout, wait time variability, offline retry wait time, and error retry wait time
  • Records both VR and Non-VR streams in top quality resolution into .mp4 format
  • Review and manage all your recordings! View auto-generated image grid screenshots, sort by model, review status, and add deletion protection
  • Edit recordings with our built-in tool to only keep your favorite segments
  • Direct links to model pages, and play and delete videos from inside app
  • Windows and macOS supported

Sites Supported

SiteCan Record
Stripchat VRYes
Dreamcam VRYes

Viewing VR Streams

We found that the Stripchat VR videos recorded with CaptureGem are best viewed using HereSphere, available on the Steam store. However, any VR video viewing app should work. In HereSphere, set the videos to Fisheye and side-by-side (SBS), and it helps to reduce the field of view (FOV) to 120 degrees.


CaptureGem Screenshot
Screenshot of Recording with CaptureGem
CaptureGem Review Feature In Dark Mode
Edit Video Feature (in Dark Mode)
CaptureGem Review Feature In Dark Mode
Review Feature (in Dark Mode)

Windows x64

SHA256 Hashes (Windows)

**We value security and privacy and can ensure this program is 100% free from any malware, spyware, or tracking.

Important: If Windows prompts you, click “Run anyway”. Also unblock firewall access for both CaptureGem.exe and recorderd.exe to ensure proper functioning (if Windows requests it).

macOS (Apple Silicon)

macOS (x64)

We hope you enjoy CaptureGem. Feel free to share your thoughts and suggestions with us and join our Discord community.

Activating Premium

You must become a premium member to activate all the features, which helps support the ongoing development. The premium version features unlimited recordings and auto-start capabilities when the model comes online. You can activate premium by entering your email in the app's settings.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I pay for CaptureGem to unlock all the premium features?

You can pay with a credit card by first registering a CaptureGem account, and then upgrading your account in the Account Settings.

If you prefer to pay with crypto such as Bitcoin , you can also do so via our legacy site. Please visit our Discord if you need any payment assistance.

How do I install CaptureGem and run it on Windows?
On Windows, you can get CaptureGem by downloading it from the provided link above. After downloading, unzip the file and double click the CaptureGem.exe program to start it. If Windows prompts you, click “Run anyway”. Also if needed, make sure to whitelist CaptureGem.exe and recorderd.exe in your Windows Firewall.
Is it safe to use CaptureGem?
Yes, we ensure every Windows release is safely and securely built, and we release the cryptographic hashes which you can verify as well. Additionally for the Apple binaries, they are each scanned by Apple for any viruses as part of the signing and notarization process. We also do not bundle or install any adware, tracking, or make modifications to your system. If you have any questions about the safety of our software, feel free to ask in our friendly Discord community.
Which sites are currently supported for recording from?
A full list can be seen here.
What's the best way to watch VR recordings?
We have found that they are best viewed using HereSphere, available on the Steam store. In HereSphere, go into the advanced settings set the videos to Fisheye and side-by-side (SBS), and reduce the Field of View (FOV) to 120 degrees. Make sure to also set the aspect ratio to ‘auto’ or else the videos will appear stretched. Note that any VR video viewing app that can access your local filesystem should work.
I'm having trouble recording models from Chaturbate. What could be the reason?
Make sure you are entering the model's username in all lower-case, same as in the URL bar. Also VPNs can sometimes disrupt the recording, so you may want to disable any active VPN.
Is CaptureGem also available for macOS and Linux?
As of a recent update, CaptureGem is now available for macOS! You can find the download links above. In the future we may support Linux as well but there is no timeline.
What benefits do I get by activating the Premium Tier?
By activating the premium tier, you will be able to record unlimited models at once for any duration without a cap, and can auto-start recordings when models come online. All of the advanced settings are also unlocked. You will also help support our ongoing development to make a better product. Thank you for your support!
The VR recordings sometimes disconnect early. How do I fix this?
There could be many possible reasons for this. First of all, make sure you have a fast enough Internet connection. Second, you can try using a VPN, as sometimes service providers rate-limit streams or cause other issues. You can also try increasing the network timeout setting. As a workaround, you can also reduce the disconnect retry setting to one second so that recordings immediately restart, and later on concatenate the videos with an editor. Feel free to reach out for help in our Discord if you encounter this issue.
How do I understand what the different settings do?
You can hover over each setting with your mouse cursor to see the tooltip. If you have further questions, please ask in our Discord.
Can this record privates?
No, unfortunately private recording is not supported.
What is the difference between CaptureGem.exe and recorderd.exe?
CaptureGem.exe is the user interface part of the application. recorderd.exe is a multi-threaded child process which handles the recording of the models and state management. The two processes communicate via web sockets, which is also why Windows Firewall asks for permission.
What programming languages were used to develop this?
CaptureGem.exe the user interface was developed with Electron.js in TypeScript and styled with MUI Joy. recorderd.exe, the child process, was programmed in Golang due to its better performance, and makes use of Go routines, which are ideal for this since they are multi-threaded and asynchronous.
Why does the VR video appear too thin or stretched?
As mentioned above, if you are watching with HereSphere make sure to set the aspect ratio to ‘auto’. If you are using a different VR viewing app, you will need to adjust the aspect ratio there as well.
Stripchat VR screenshot
Screenshot of Stripchat VR. CaptureGem is not officially affiliated with Stripchat.
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